Who Are You?

Who are you?
I burned to the ground
Until all I saw were ashes
And realised
They were not me.

Who are you?
Red hot flames, piercing eyes
Ray upon ray of light

Who are you?
I have died a million deaths
And been brought to the alter of
Truth, again
And again.

Who are you?
I laugh now as Your river
Washes me away
From all I used to know

I gladly watch it go.

Who are you?
I have come for your heart
As your mirror.
Look at me now

Who are you?
I will bring you to your knees
But it is not me
It is not me

Who are you?
A silent cosmic joke
And you will laugh as I do
When you are brought
Before You.

When the dust on your window
Has been blown away
I am the wind
Let me in.
When you rise from the ashes
Like a phoenix in the night
I am the fire
Do not fight it.

“Birthed from Surrender”
I whisper softly…
Here I am
Here I am.


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