I bleed: The Politics of Menstruation

menstruation photo blog

When my bleeding is relegated to ‘girly issues’, when I am expected to produce regardless of my pain, when I have to hide my blood in shame, I am not equal.

menstruation photo blog 2

All images © Anaïs Charles 2015. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “I bleed: The Politics of Menstruation”

  1. You want to be so open an pro-active “come see my period, I bear no shame!” but you would not show your bleeding quim, which is what us men need to see to satisfy the curiosity we have had since our own pubescent conundrum . I have always wondered how a woman can contain this seemingly unnatural act? Yet it is so bewilderingly taboo that the males are forbidden to see it, why? What is going on that is so shameful to have to pretend it doesn’t happen?

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